Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pulse news reader (the web version) is gone too!

Pulse news reader "was" the best news reader for me, I use it everyday.
I prefer pulse over flipboard, feedly and others by huge margin.
The main reason is the layout. I like the thumbnail layout with short title.
I can easily scan through all related tech news in a glimpse and only click on interesting one.
While the layout is not perfect (I have many ideas to improve it), it is still one of the best out there.

It is the same for the Android/iOS phone/tablet app.

However, LinkedIn bought Pulse and screwed it.
First, they revamp the layout on mobile devices.
The immediate result? - the Google Play store rating went down from 4.5++ to 3.0
I believe it could even score as low as 1.0 as there are so many complaints on the Google Play store reviews.
The main reason it stays at 3.0 is mainly because there were many previous rating at 5.0 but the rater didn't change their score after the new layout changes.
I can live with the layout changes on mobile, because at least the web version is still working fine, like the screenshot above.

However, until recent few days, LinkedIn is changing the web version too.
First, there is no way to get into the old layout, it keeps redirect me to LinkedIn homepage.
Second, now it shows error 404 whenever I try to access it.
I hope LinkedIn will bring back the old layout. Listen to the users.

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