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UIST 2017 Papers on the Internet

Unofficial list, not 100% accurate
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AirCode: Unobtrusive Physical Tags for Digital Fabrication

Qoom: An interactive Omnidirectional Ball Display

Everyday Eye Contact Detection Using Unsupervised Gaze Target Discovery

MagTics: Flexible and Thin Form Factor Magnetic Actuators for Dynamic and Wearable Haptic Feedback

StrutModeling: A Low-Fidelity Construction Kit to Iteratively Model, Test, and Adapt 3D Objects

Pepper's Cone: An Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself 3D Display

EyeScout: Position and Movement Independent Gaze Interaction

SmartSleeve: Real-time Sensing of Surface and Deformation Gestures on Flexible, Interactive Textiles, using a Hybrid Gesture Detection Pipeline

ImAxes: Immersive Axes as Embodied Affordances for Interactive Multivariate Data Visualisation

Codestrates: Literate Computing with Webstrates

Dwell+: Multi-Level Mode Selection Using Vibrotactile Cues

Outside-In: Visualizing Out-of-Sight Region-of-Interests in a 360 Video Using Spatial Picture-in-Picture Previews

DodecaPen: Accurate 6DoF Tracking of a Passive Stylus

CurrentViz: Sensing and Visualizing Electric Current Flows of Breadboarded Circuits

WearMail: On-the-Go Access to Information in Your Email  with a Privacy-Preserving Human Computation Workflow

Erg-O: Ergonomic Optimization of Immersive Virtual Environments

Neuroanatomical Correlates of Perceived Usability

SceneCtrl: Mixed Reality Enhancement via Efficient Scene Editing

SketchExpress: Remixing Animations For More Effective Crowd-Powered Prototyping Of Interactive Interfaces

DS.js: Turn Any Webpage into an Example-Centric Live Programming Environment for Learning Data Science

Omnicode: A Novice-Oriented Live Programming Environment with Always-On Run-Time Value Visualizations

Torta: Generating Mixed-Media GUI and Command-Line App Tutorials Using Operating-System-Wide Activity Tracing

Learning Visual Importance for Graphic Designs and Data Visualizations

CommandBoard: Creating a General-purpose Command Gesture Input Space for Soft Keyboards

Bifröst : Visualizing and Checking Behavior of Embedded Systems across Hardware and Software

Debugging Unexpected CodeBehavior Using Synthesized Code Corrections

RetroShape: Leveraging Rear-Surface Shape Displays for 2.5D Interaction on Smartwatches

Frictio: Passive Kinesthetic Force Feedback for Smart Ring Output

Pyro: Thumb-Tip Gesture Recognition Using Pyroelectric Infrared Sensing

A Modular Smartphone for Lending

Trigger Action Circuits: Leveraging Generative Design to Enable Novices to Design and Build Circuitry

DreamSketch: Early Stage 3D Design Explorations with Sketching and Generative Design

WhichFingers: Identifying Fingers on Touch Surfaces and Keyboards using Vibration Sensors

"NaviFields: Relevance fields for adaptive VR navigation"

Characterizing Latency in Touch and Button-Equipped Interactive Systems

FlexStylus: leveraging flexion input for pen interaction

One Reality: Augmenting How the Physical World is Experienced by combining Multiple Mixed Reality Modalities

HeatSpace: Automatic Placement of Displays by Empirical Analysis of User Behavior

SoundCraft: Enabling Spatial Interactions on Smartwatches using Hand Generated Acoustics

CircuitSense: Automatic Sensing of Physical Electric Circuits and Generation of Virtual Circuits to Support Software Tools

BlowFab: Rapid Prototyping for Rigid and Reusable Objects using Inflation of Laser-cut Surfaces

SensIR: Detecting Hand Gestures with a Wearable Bracelet using Infrared Transmission and Reflection

FoamSense: Design of three dimensional soft sensors with porous materials

Haptic Clench:  Investigating Squeeze Sensations using Memory Alloys

Data Storage and Interaction using Magnetized Fabric

CollaVR: Collaborative In-Headset Review for VR Video

Secondary Motion for Performed 2D Animation

INVISO: A Cross-platform User Interface for Creating Virtual Sonic Environments

Crowd Research: Open and Scalable University Laboratories

SweepCanvas: Sketch-based 3D Prototyping on an RGB-D Image

ZIPT: Zero-Integration Performance Testing of Mobile App Designs

Rico: A Mobile App Dataset for Building Data-Driven Design Applications

Triggering Artwork Swaps for Live Animation

Thermal-Comfort Design of Personalized Casts

Interactive Room Capture on 3D-Aware Mobile Devices

Shot Orientation Controls for Interactive Cinematography with 360 Video

Panning and Zooming High-Resolution Panoramas in Virtual Reality Devices

PhyShare: Sharing Physical Interaction in Virtual Reality

Designing Vibrotactile Widgets with Printed Actuators and Sensors

Scanalog: Interactive Design and Debugging of Analog Circuits with Programmable Hardware

Markit and Talkit: A Low-Barrier Toolkit to Augment 3D Printed Models with Audio Annotations

Designing and Evaluating Livefonts

AutoDub: Automatic Redubbing for Voiceover Editing

Monday, January 16, 2017

Accepted CHI 2017 papers title found online

Accepted CHI2017 papers, demo and poster title found online. 
Not guaranteed to be accurate, use it at your own risk!

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Finding Common Ground: A Survey of Capacitive Sensing in Human-Computer Interaction.
Grosse-Puppendahl, T., Holz, C., Cohn, G., Wimmer, R., Bechtold, O., Hodges, S., Reynolds, M. and Smith, J.

Sparse Haptic Proxies: Simulating Touch Feedback in Dense Virtual Environments Using Simple Passive Props.
Cheng, L.-P., Ofek, E., Holz, C., Benko, H. and Wilson, A.

Hybrid HFR Depth: Fusing Depth and Color Cameras for High Speed, Low Latency Depth Camera Interactions
Jiajun Lu, Hrvoje Benko, Andrew D. Wilson

Synthetic Sensors: Exploring the Versatility, Accuracy, and Functional Utility of General-Purpose Sensing.
Gierad Laput, Yang Zhang, Chris Harrison.

Electrick: Low-Cost Touch Sensing for Large, Irregular and Rapidly-Prototyped Objects.
Yang Zhang, Gierad Laput, Chris Harrison.

Deus EM Machina: On-Touch Contextual Functionality for Smart IoT Appliances.
Robert Xiao,  Gierad Laput, Yang Zhang, Chris Harrison.

Thumprint: Socially-Inclusive Local Group Authentication Through Shared Secret Knocks.
Sauvik Das,  Gierad Laput, Chris Harrison, Jason Hong.

Facade: Auto-generating Tactile Interfaces to Appliances.
Anhong Guo, Jeeeun Kim, Xiang ‘Anthony’ Chen, Tom Yeh, Scott Hudson, Jennifer Mankoff, Jeffrey Bigham.

Hands Free Omnidirectional VR Navigation using Head Tilt
Sam Tregillus, Majed Al-Zayer and Eelke Folmer from the University of Nevada.

WeBuild: Automatically Distributing Assembly Tasks Among Collocated Workers to Improve Coordination.
Ailie Fraser, Tovi Grossman, George Fitzmaurice.

Pineal: Bringing Passive Objects to Life with Embedded Mobile Devices
David Ledo, Fraser Anderson, Ryan Schmidt, Lora Oehlberg, Saul Greenberg, Tovi Grossman.

An Experimental Evaluation of 3D Sketching Ability in VR.
Rahul Arora, Rubaiat Habib Kazi, Fraser Anderson, Tovi Grossman, Karan Singh, George Fitzmaurice.

Comparing Touchscreen and Mouse Input Performance by People With and Without Upper Body Motor Impairments
Leah Findlater, Karyn Moffatt, Jon E. Froehlich, Meethu Malu, Joan Zhang

Differences in Crowdsourced vs. Lab-Based Mobile and Desktop Input Performance Data
Leah Findlater, Joan Zhang, Jon E. Froehlich, Karyn Moffatt

Exploring Novice Approaches to Smartphone-Based Thermographic Energy Auditing: A Field Study
Matthew L Mauriello, Manaswi Saha, Erica Brown, Jon E. Froehlich

Live Physiological Sensing and Visualization Ecosystems: An Activity Theory Analysis
Tamara Clegg, Leyla Norooz, Seokbin Kang, Virginia Byrne, Monica Katzen, Angelisa Plane, Vanessa Oguamanam, Thomas Outing, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Jason Yip, Jon E. Froehlich

MakerWear: A Tangible, Modular Approach for Children to Create Interactive Wearables
Majeed Kazemitabaar, Jason McPeak, Alexander Jiao, Liang He, Thomas Outing, Jon E. Froehlich

ShareVR: Enabling Co-Located Experiences for Virtual Reality between HMD and Non-HMD Users
Gugenheimer, Jan; Stemasov, Evgeny; Frommel, Julian; Rukzio, Enrico

CarVR: Enabling In-Car Virtual Reality Entertainment
Hock, Philipp; Benedikter, Sebastian; Gugenheimer, Jan; Rukzio, Enrico

Placing and Recalling Virtual Items on the Skin  
Bergström-Lehtovirta, J., Boring, S., and Hornbæk, K.

Audible Beacons and Wearables in Schools: Helping Young Visually Impaired Children Play and Move Independently.
Euan Freeman, Graham Wilson, Stephen Brewster, Gabriel Baud-Bovy, Charlotte Magnusson, and Hector Caltenco

Multi-moji: Combining Thermal, Vibrotactile & Visual Stimuli to Expand the Affective Range of Feedback.
Graham Wilson and Stephen Brewster

An Evaluation of Input Controls for In-Car Interactions.
Alexander Ng, Stephen Brewster, Frank Beruscha, and Wolfgang Krautter

I Am The Passenger: How Visual Motion Cues Can Influence Sickness For In-Car VR.
Mark McGill, Alexander Ng, and Stephen Brewster

ForgetMeNot: Active Reminder Entry Support for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury.
Matthew Jamieson, Brian O’Neill, Breda Cullen, Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Stephen Brewster, and Jonathan Evans

EgoScanning: Quickly Scanning First-Person Videos with Egocentric Elastic Timelines
Keita Higuchi, Ryo Yonetani, and Yoichi Sato

COMPASS: Rotational Keyboard on Non-Touch Smartwatches.
Xin Yi, Chun Yu, Weijie Xu, Xiaojun Bi, Yuanchun Shi.

Float: One-Handed and Touch-Free Target Selection on Smartwatches.
Ke Sun, Yuntao Wang, Chun Yu, Yukang Yan, Hongyi Wen, Yuanchun Shi.

ViVo: Video-Augmented Dictionary for Vocabulary Learning.
Yeshuang Zhu, Yuntao Wang, Chun Yu*, Shaoyun Shi, Yankai Zhang, Shuang He, Peijun Zhao, Xiaojuan Ma, Yuanchun Shi.

Tap, Dwell or Gesture?: Exploring Head-Based Text Entry Techniques for HMDs.
Chun Yu, Yizheng Gu, Zhican Yang, Xin Yi, Yuanchun Shi.

Word Clarity as a Metric in Sampling Keyboard Test Sets.
Xin Yi, Chun Yu*, Weinan Shi, Xiaojun Bi, Yuanchun Shi.

WatchSense: On- and Above-Skin Input Sensing through a Wearable Depth Sensor  
Sridhar, S., Markussen, A., Oulasvirta, A., Theobalt, C., and Boring, S.

PinPad: Touchpad Interaction with Fast and High-Resolution Tactile Output
Jingun Jung, Eunhye Youn, and Geehyuk Lee,

Always On(line)? User Experience of Smartwatches and their Role within Multi-Device Ecologies

Toward Everyday Gaze Input: Accuracy and Precision of Eye Tracking and Implications for Design
Anna Maria Feit, Shane Williams, Arturo Toledo, Ann Paradiso, Harish S. Kulkarni, Shaun Kane, Meredith Ringel Morris,  Download PDF                   
Smartphone-Based Gaze Gesture Communication for People with Motor Disabilities
Xiaoyi Zhang, Harish S. Kulkarni, Meredith Ringel Morris, Download PDF   
Understanding Blind People’s Experiences with Computer-Generated Captions of Social Media Images   
Haley MacLeod, Cynthia L. Bennett, Meredith Ringel Morris, Ed Cutrell, Download PDF       
Improving Dwell-Based Gaze Typing with Dynamic, Cascading Dwell Times
Martez E. Mott, Shane Williams, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Meredith Ringel Morris, Download PDF   
Exploring the Design Space of AAC Awareness Displays
Kiley Sobel, Alex Fiannaca, Jon Campbell, Harish S. Kulkarni, Ann Paradiso, Ed Cutrell, Meredith Ringel Morris, Download PDF

Inferring Cognitive Models from Data using ABC
Antti Kangasrääsiö, Kumaripaba Athukorala, Andrew Howes, Jukka Corander, Samuel Kaski, Antti Oulasvirta

Environment-Scale Fabrication: Replicating the Outdoor Climbing Experiences Emily Whiting
Nada Ouf, Liane Makatura, Christos Mousas, Zhenyu Shu, Ladislav Kavan

Subcontracting Microwork.
Morris, M.R., Bigham, J.P., Brewer, R., Bragg, J., Kulkarni, A., Li, J., and Savage, S.

Managing Uncertainty in Time Expressions for Virtual Assistants.
Rong, X., Fourney, A., Brewer, R., Morris, M.R., and Bennett, P.