Friday, October 13, 2017

UIST 2017 Papers on the Internet

Unofficial list, not 100% accurate
Links to paper, video and project page are included if available
(Thanks to those who added their paper, keep it going!)
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AirCode: Unobtrusive Physical Tags for Digital Fabrication

Qoom: An interactive Omnidirectional Ball Display

Everyday Eye Contact Detection Using Unsupervised Gaze Target Discovery

MagTics: Flexible and Thin Form Factor Magnetic Actuators for Dynamic and Wearable Haptic Feedback

StrutModeling: A Low-Fidelity Construction Kit to Iteratively Model, Test, and Adapt 3D Objects

Pepper's Cone: An Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself 3D Display

EyeScout: Position and Movement Independent Gaze Interaction

SmartSleeve: Real-time Sensing of Surface and Deformation Gestures on Flexible, Interactive Textiles, using a Hybrid Gesture Detection Pipeline

ImAxes: Immersive Axes as Embodied Affordances for Interactive Multivariate Data Visualisation

Codestrates: Literate Computing with Webstrates

Dwell+: Multi-Level Mode Selection Using Vibrotactile Cues

Outside-In: Visualizing Out-of-Sight Region-of-Interests in a 360 Video Using Spatial Picture-in-Picture Previews

DodecaPen: Accurate 6DoF Tracking of a Passive Stylus

CurrentViz: Sensing and Visualizing Electric Current Flows of Breadboarded Circuits

WearMail: On-the-Go Access to Information in Your Email  with a Privacy-Preserving Human Computation Workflow

Erg-O: Ergonomic Optimization of Immersive Virtual Environments

Neuroanatomical Correlates of Perceived Usability

SceneCtrl: Mixed Reality Enhancement via Efficient Scene Editing

SketchExpress: Remixing Animations For More Effective Crowd-Powered Prototyping Of Interactive Interfaces

DS.js: Turn Any Webpage into an Example-Centric Live Programming Environment for Learning Data Science

Omnicode: A Novice-Oriented Live Programming Environment with Always-On Run-Time Value Visualizations

Torta: Generating Mixed-Media GUI and Command-Line App Tutorials Using Operating-System-Wide Activity Tracing

Learning Visual Importance for Graphic Designs and Data Visualizations

CommandBoard: Creating a General-purpose Command Gesture Input Space for Soft Keyboards

Bifröst : Visualizing and Checking Behavior of Embedded Systems across Hardware and Software

Debugging Unexpected CodeBehavior Using Synthesized Code Corrections

RetroShape: Leveraging Rear-Surface Shape Displays for 2.5D Interaction on Smartwatches

Frictio: Passive Kinesthetic Force Feedback for Smart Ring Output

Pyro: Thumb-Tip Gesture Recognition Using Pyroelectric Infrared Sensing

A Modular Smartphone for Lending

Trigger Action Circuits: Leveraging Generative Design to Enable Novices to Design and Build Circuitry

DreamSketch: Early Stage 3D Design Explorations with Sketching and Generative Design

WhichFingers: Identifying Fingers on Touch Surfaces and Keyboards using Vibration Sensors

"NaviFields: Relevance fields for adaptive VR navigation"

Characterizing Latency in Touch and Button-Equipped Interactive Systems

FlexStylus: leveraging flexion input for pen interaction

One Reality: Augmenting How the Physical World is Experienced by combining Multiple Mixed Reality Modalities

HeatSpace: Automatic Placement of Displays by Empirical Analysis of User Behavior

SoundCraft: Enabling Spatial Interactions on Smartwatches using Hand Generated Acoustics

CircuitSense: Automatic Sensing of Physical Electric Circuits and Generation of Virtual Circuits to Support Software Tools

BlowFab: Rapid Prototyping for Rigid and Reusable Objects using Inflation of Laser-cut Surfaces

SensIR: Detecting Hand Gestures with a Wearable Bracelet using Infrared Transmission and Reflection

FoamSense: Design of three dimensional soft sensors with porous materials

Haptic Clench:  Investigating Squeeze Sensations using Memory Alloys

Data Storage and Interaction using Magnetized Fabric

CollaVR: Collaborative In-Headset Review for VR Video

Secondary Motion for Performed 2D Animation

INVISO: A Cross-platform User Interface for Creating Virtual Sonic Environments

Crowd Research: Open and Scalable University Laboratories

SweepCanvas: Sketch-based 3D Prototyping on an RGB-D Image

ZIPT: Zero-Integration Performance Testing of Mobile App Designs

Rico: A Mobile App Dataset for Building Data-Driven Design Applications

Triggering Artwork Swaps for Live Animation

Thermal-Comfort Design of Personalized Casts

Interactive Room Capture on 3D-Aware Mobile Devices

Shot Orientation Controls for Interactive Cinematography with 360 Video

Panning and Zooming High-Resolution Panoramas in Virtual Reality Devices

PhyShare: Sharing Physical Interaction in Virtual Reality

Designing Vibrotactile Widgets with Printed Actuators and Sensors

Scanalog: Interactive Design and Debugging of Analog Circuits with Programmable Hardware

Markit and Talkit: A Low-Barrier Toolkit to Augment 3D Printed Models with Audio Annotations

Designing and Evaluating Livefonts

AutoDub: Automatic Redubbing for Voiceover Editing

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